Awesome Wiredtree Hybrid Kickass Promotion

26/05/2013 11:50

I began utilizing WiredTree Hosting's facilities a week ago. The shift was so much sleeker than the uptime at our previous host A2 Hosting that I think no one even noticed that it was carried out. I was to begin with very fearful of relocating our website to the new web server, that's why I put it off for a few months.

My anxieties were misguided, however, because of the excellent guidance and aid of WiredTree's staff.

I had been making use of A2 Hosting's services for well over a year. Bad downtime and poor customer services were what we were forced to deal with during our time with them. But because their price were budget-friendly and also because of being concerned over the shift, we stuck with them. What lured us to A2 Hosting were the very cheap plans which were supposedly limitless (we will elaborate later). Each month we needed only to spend less than $10.

I prided myself in being computer-savvy but shifting to a new web server was something that I was very anxious about. We also found it necessary to transfer from shared hosting to a virtual private server. Since I have no knowledge about server operations, it looked like a dicey and time-consuming task. What with operating a full-time law firm, I could not afford to devote much additional time addressing server administration.

We would have endured A2 Hosting despite its downtime and other shortcomings as we liked their price and we were uneasy about this transfer. However they let us know that we were utilizing too many resources on their limitless plan. I'm still confused about what A2 Hosting believes as too many resources being utilized on their unlimited package. Well, the last straw was when A2 told us we had one week to transfer.

On somebody's suggestion, I considered and chose WiredTree.

Keep in mind, I am only mentioning this according to my own experiences, but other users may not feel the same.

There is little question on why they are turning out to be among the fastest growing businesses in the United States. In search of a VPS or dedicated server? Check out WiredTree. Everything has been going well for me and my online business throughout the two years that I've been with them.

It is quite a great deal more pricey-about $50 per month-but it is not hard to see why. I was immediately delighted with the security measures and aid. Within just a few minutes, I obtained a result for for my support tickets at WiredTree, whereas A2 Hosting needed hours to do so. I even received a phone call to authenticate my order. (Authentic people were really contacting me and conversing with me!)

It didn't take long for the transition to complete with one of the support staff assisting me through every step from backing up our old host, shifting it and our website names to the latest one. In the end, it took not quite an hour of my time. The dependability of WiredTree's personnel is such that even someone who is not computer-savvy will immediately understand what needs to be executed under their precise direction. I won't be surprised that not a soul was aware that we'd shifted bearing in mind how efficiently it progressed. So the decision is a definite yes for our new host, WiredTree.