Super Wiredtree Hybrid Kickass Promotion

26/05/2013 11:36

I opted to use the facilities of WiredTree Hosting a week ago. The move was smoother than A2 Hosting's uptime, the host that we utilized before this, so much so that I think people were unaware of it. I was anxious that the shift of our website to a new hosting server would be a huge disruption so I procrastinated for months.

However, WiredTree's support crew, showed me very clearly that the transition was a prudent one.

I had been making use of A2 Hosting's services for more than a year. Throughout that time, we endured what we viewed as unacceptable downtime and limited support services. But because their charges were economical and also because of being apprehensive over the shift, we stuck with them. A2 Hosting's unrestricted (details afterwards) plans are very easy on our wallets. Each month we needed only to fork out under $10.

On the fear side, although I'm pretty computer-savvy, changing web servers terrified me. We were also switching from shared hosting to a virtual private server which made it more daunting for me. Server operations is something that's very strange to me so I was apprehensive that the move would be a prolonged and confusing process. I've got a full-time law practice to manage, and no time to deal with with hosting administration.

On rate and fear, we would have carried on with A2 Hosting, downtime and all. A2 Hosting told us that the plan we purchased was an limitless one but they lately informed us that we were implementing too many information on that plan. I still haven't understood how A2 Hosting thinks we can use too much of our limitless resources. Well, the last straw was when A2 told us we had one week to shift.

WiredTree was recommended to me by someone.

This evaluation is solely according to my experience only and thus, this may not be the case for other clients.

It's obvious why they are one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. In search of a VPS or dedicated server? Go and visit WiredTree. I have no regrets utilizing WiredTree's services in the two years that I have been with them.

WiredTree's charges are about $50 a month, five times what A2 Hosting charges, but not surprising! I was convinced by WiredTrees remarkable safety measures and assistance that we'd made the right move.. At A2, my support tickets would require hours to receive a reply. At WiredTree, I obtained a reply in minutes. I even received a phone call to validate my order. (Authentic people were actually phoning me and in touch with me!)

It didn't take long for the shift to finalize with one of the support staff guiding me through every stage from backing up our old server, shifting it and our website names to the latest one. Everything was accomplished in an hour. The dependability of WiredTree's staff is such that even someone who is not tech-savvy will easily know what ought to be conducted under their thorough direction. So we transferred, but you in all likelihood didn't notice. So the verdict is a definite yes for our new host, WiredTree.